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Short Stories

A list of published short stories

A comprehensive list of all published short stories and where to find them.

  • “Seeing is Believing”

Sirens Call #12 ezine (SC Publications, December 2013)

  • “Alone with the Bones”

 Dragon: Ten Tales of Fiery Beasts anthology (Scimitar Press, January 2014)

  • “Ten Minutes Till Deadtime”

 Hell’s Garden anthology (Lafcadio Press, January 2014)

  • “Hole in the Sky”

Cogwheels: Ten Tales of Steampunk anthology (Scimitar Press, July 2014)

  • “Pumpkin Patch”

Sirens Call #17 ezine (SC Publications, October 2014)

  • “Death’s Ahead”

Sirens Call #18 ezine (SC Publications, December 2014)

  • “Alpha Beta Gamma Kill”
  • “Domino”
  • “Patient Zero”

Future Chronicles #1 ezine (FC Publications, January 2015)

  • “On the Vine”

Sirens Call #21 ezine (SC Publications, June 2015)

  • “Eye Tech”
  • “Vanished”

Future Chronicles #2 ezine (FC Publications, July 2015)

  • “The Xenonog”

Sirens Call #22 ezine (SC Publications, August 2015)

  • “Next on the List”
  • “Midnight Clay”
  • “A Demon’s Thread”
  • “On the Vine”
  • “The Artist and the Crone”
  • “Due South”
  • “Red, White and Black”
  • “Intensive Scare”
  • “Meeting Mum”
  • “Seeing is Believing”
  • “Disturbed”
  • “Welcome Home”

Sinister Stitches collection (Herbs House, October 2015)

  • “Disturbed”

Fiends: Ten Tales of Demons anthology (Scimitar Press, November 2015)

  • “The Artist and the Crone”

Hell’s Grannies anthology (Lafcadio Press, December 2015)

  • “Salamandrine Fires”

Future Chronicles #3 ezine (FC Publications, January 2016)

  • “A Sunset Companion”

Hell’s Kitties anthology (Lafcadio Press, October 2016)

  • “Naked Wings”
  • “The Donation”
  • “Pieces of Cake”

 Burger Van anthology (Severed Press, November 2016)

  • “Away in a Mangler”

Bah! Humbug! anthology (Matt Shaw Publications, November 2016)

  • “Speed”

Sirens Call #30 ezine (SC Publications, December 2016)

  • “The Commission”

Shadows at the Door anthology (Shadows at the Door Publishing, December 2016)

  • “The Rebirth”

Collected Easter Horror anthology (KJK Publishing, April 2017)

  • “All in the Eyes”

Trapped Within anthology (EyeCue Productions, June 2017)

  • “A Story of Amber”

Collected Halloween Horror anthology (KJK Publishing, October 2017)

  • “Demon Alcohol”

Afterlife anthology (JA Press, October 2017)

  • “In Loving Memory”

Sparks anthology (Burdizzo Books, October 2017)

  • “Dust Devils”

Tales From the Lake 4 anthology (Crystal Lake October 2017)

  • “Trust Issues”

Masters of Horror anthology (Matt Shaw Publications, November 2017)

  • “The Rebirth”
  • “The Commission”
  • “Demon Alcohol”
  • “Away in a Mangler”

Sussex Horrors anthology (Herbs House, January 2018)

  • “A Song for Them”
  • “Over the Edge”

100 Word Horrors Pt.1 anthology (KJK Publishing, January 2018)

  • “Alone with the Bones”
  • “In Loving Memory”
  • “Alpha Beta Gamma Kill”
  • “The Rebirth”
  • “Vanished”

Five Doses collection (Herbs House, April 2018)

  • “Demon Alcohol”

Night of the Living Cure anthology (Wolfgang Anthologies, June 2018)

  • “Ho Ho Hollow”

Collection Christmas Horror Vol.2 anthology (KJK Publishing, September 2018)

  • “Reanimation Channel”

The Black Room Manuscripts Vol.4 anthology (Sinister Horror Company, October 2018)

  • “In Skin”

Dark Places, Evil Faces Vol.2 anthology (Dark Terror Publications, October 2018)

  • “Naked Wings”

Sinister Horror Company annual (SHC, October 2018)

  • “Dust Devils”
  • “A Story of Amber”
  • “Claimed”
  • “The Rebirth”
  • “Pile of Dirt”
  • “Dead Lines”
  • “The Commission”
  • “Diagonal Dead”
  • “Demon Alcohol”
  • “A Sunset Companion”

Terror Threads collection (Herbs House, November 2018)

  • “Beachcombing”
  • “Feed the Crop”
  • “On the Second Date”

100 Word Horrors Pt.2 anthology (KJK Publishing, March 2018)

  • “Ollie Visits Grandma”

Shallow Waters Vol.2 anthology (Crystal Lake Publishing, July 2019)

  • “River of Nine Tails”

In Darkness, Delight: Creatures of the Night anthology (Corpus Press, August 2019)


Here’s some flash fiction for you:


A pool of grey muck leaked from the hessian sack and soaked into the shed’s floorboards. The smell of animal, of wet fur, forced Gerald backwards. His elbow smacked the door. The hinges creaked and an evening sunshine lanced the gloom.

“What—?” His voice came from a tight throat. He crouched beside the sack.

Something shifted inside, something heavy. Gerald jerked away and his foot slid in the filth. He crashed into a rack. Tins of nails, nuts and bolts, and a box of metal brackets rained down and clattered across the floor. He grabbed his head, clenching his teeth. From a throbbing scalp his fingers came away sticky.

The top of the sack gaped like a crooked mouth.

Gerald’s heartbeat thundered into the silence.

A clawed hand shot from the sack and jagged fingernails shredded the fabric. In a splash of filth, a bulk of mottled flesh, slick and glistening, flopped out. Fleshy limbs with bony joints covered in bristles, extended and slurped. One hand slapped the floor, fingers curling.

That filth spattered Gerald’s face and covered his lips. Bitter. He spat. His legs shook, his stomach churning; his breath came in short and sharp.

The creature stood upright and raised a bulbous head that almost touched the ceiling. Floppy appendages – were they ears? – clung to either side of a stubby snout. Clumsy, blunt teeth chattered between wet lips. Yellow bug-like eyes leaked as though crying not tears but pus. Raw blisters seethed over every inch of its grey flesh, and slime dripped from its immense torso like the thing sweated the damn stuff.

Seeming to ignore Gerald, this abomination reached towards a shelf and snatched a bottle of plant food. Plastic cracked as it tore off the cap. Knocking back its head, mouth wide, it guzzled the contents. White liquid dribbled over quivering lips and its forked-tongue. The empty bottle thumped the floor.

Gerald’s legs and arms failed him, terror rooting him to the floor.

The thing grabbed another bottle from the shelf, this time animal repellent. And this, too, it downed. Next was a bottle of weed-killer, and then white spirit.

The spreading muck, now churning with spilled chemicals, soaked Gerald’s clothes.

Finally, the creature’s yellow eyes focused on him and squinted at his wounded scalp. Its roar filled the confines of the shed, deafening. Then it pounced.

Those blunt teeth clamped his skull and—

Pain. Darkness.


(c)Mark Cassell 2015