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Stitches and Threads

A collection of modern-day fiction inverting witchcraft and demonology tropes. With supernatural, occult, hauntings, and creatures of a different slant, each story rips the fabric of our reality. These loose stitches and threads give us the ability to see, not just in the dark, but the very dark itself … the core of fear.

This book includes the following:

‘Pile of Dirt’
– Recovering from a serious accident, all that’s wanted is to relax in the garden. But that isn’t going to happen when piles of dirt keep appearing everywhere.

‘On the Vine’
– Not everyone must enjoy nature.

‘The Rebirth’
– A primary school teacher’s lesson doesn’t go to plan after a peculiar Easter egg lands in her possession.

‘Dust Devils’
– When a driving instructor’s pupil fails to turn up for a lesson, he doesn’t just drive off. He investigates … things.

‘Welcome Home’
– An overseas holiday goes wrong for a pair of best friends.

‘Midnight Clay’
– A pleasant cycle home is cut short by a demon with a particularly grotesque skill.

‘Diagonal Dead’
– It’s a shame the dead can’t stay dead, especially those discovered in a wall cavity.

‘A Demon’s Thread’
– Flash fiction trilogy through the eyes of a demon.

‘The Artist and the Crone’
– Leo wants a peaceful life, but the ressurection of a 17th-century witch paints a different picture.

‘Intensive Scare’
– Three teenagers dabble in the occult and learn there’s a good reason to be afraid of the dark.

‘Ten Minutes Till Deadtime’
– Balancing work and home life is bad enough, but it’s something else entirely to wake each morning by an alarm clock that was never set.

‘A Story of Amber’
– Two brothers and a grandfather’s secret. This is a Halloween story that begins in childhood and ends in adulthood.

‘Due South’
– Who would think that a hike through the English countryside would leave scars?

‘Meeting Mum’
– Introducing a new girlfriend to your parents can be problematic.

‘Dead Lines’
– An artist learns she is not the only one to hold the brush.

– A camping trip turns sour when a deep-rooted evil awakens.

‘Seeing is Believing’
– Having laser eye surgery is more than life changing.

‘Next on the List’
– No one likes changes, least of all an old man with an even older secret.

‘The Commission’
– A photographer’s commission proves to be a pain in the neck.

– In Yellowstone Country Park things are a different colour.

‘Demon Alcohol’
– Staying at a bed and breakfast in a quaint harbour town, Tammy is not in the mood for uninvited guests. Especially when she’s hungover and the guests are not human.

‘Red, White and Black’
– When a clinical trial goes horribly wrong, a lone survivor finds herself fleeing from a sentient infection.

‘A Sunset Companion’
– The low October sun can cause road accidents by blinding drivers, yet perhaps there are other causes in the surrounding woodland.

All stories have been previously published in the collections, Sinister Stitches and Terror Threads, as well as anthologies and ezines.