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Red Cape Publishing picked a winner with their first foray into Cassell’s mind.


Featuring the stories, Skin, All in the Eyes, In Loving Memory, The Space Between Spaces, On Set With North and Don’t Swear in Mum’s House.

Here you’ll find Edgar Allan Poe’s neighbour, cyber-tech mayhem, both an imaginary friend and a friend back from the dead. There’s a creepy grandma with a hidden agenda, too. Oh, and there’s also something about skin …


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The first review

By Candace Nola of the Uncomfortably Dark blog.

Six! is exactly what you’d think. Six creepy short stories from the twisted mind of Mark Cassell. This will be a short review and it is a short book, a quick read but it does not skimp on quality. The quality of these stories is top-notch and full of terror, and chills.

“Skin” completely creeped me out as I read about Gloria’s discovery in the basement, in her frantic search for her husband, after hearing a scream rise up from below. In a marriage plagued with troubles, she is still caring and compassionate and wastes no time in going to her husband’s aid. She was not the least bit prepared for what she found.

Dinner at Grandma’s will never feel the same for me after reading “All in the Eyes.” Young Bobby was not comfortable around his grandma, never comfortable in her presence, especially when she stared at him with her deep, black eyes. He always felt like she was trying to see into his soul, and he never felt the same after. After reading this tale, I recalled receiving a few of those stares myself, from my own grandmother and broke out in chills.

“In Loving Memory” takes us on a walk down memory lane as a man recalls his childhood friend and a terrible accident that had happened. How far would you go for a friend, especially when they call on you after twenty years, of being in the ground?

“The Space Between Spaces” was naturally my favorite as it tells a cleverly creepy tale about my idol, Mr. Edgar Allan Poe and his neighbor as the neighbor answers the questions set to him by the Insector, after Poe’s untimely demise. The writing was spot on, exactly as I imagine one might have spoken around that time and the tale was every bit as creepy and tense as “The Tell-Tale Heart.” Very well-done, Mr. Cassell. You have my continued admiration for this story, alone.

“On Set with North” is a story about disaster striking a movie set as a new actor and his driving instructor appear on location, to get North ready for his make-up and into costume. The instructor, solely along for the ride in hopes to get an autograph for his wife, finds himself pulled into the chaos that is unfolding on set, chaos that was definitely NOT in the script.

The last story tells us about a pair of siblings, Anna and Mick, going through their parents’ things, at their childhood home, after the death of their mom, while the world is in the throes of a slow demise as a result of a virus. “Don’t Swear In Mum’s House” takes a creepy turn for the worse when an old friend shows up to play.

Four solid stars for a short but satisfyingly creepy collection.


All stories have been previously published
  • Skin first published in Dark Places, Evil Faces Vol.2, 2018
  • All in the Eyes first published in Trapped Within, 2017
  • In Loving Memory first published in Sparks2017
  • The Space Between Spaces first published in The Many Deaths Of Edgar Allan Poe, 2020
  • On Set With North first published in The Best of Indie Horror, 2020
  • Don’t Swear in Mum’s House first published in Corona-Nation Street, 2020