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A wonderful blend of the creepy, the unnerving, and the out-right horrific.

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Twelve supernatural tales.
Sometimes the darkness — the fabric — tears.

A short story collection of dark fantasy stories that stitch together a twisted history of witchcraft and the supernatural, of demons, ghosts, and the disturbed.

Each story binds the Shadow Fabric mythos tighter, revealing that everything around us is entwined with a deep-rooted darkness. And sometimes that darkness — the fabric — tears.

The paperback version contains a bonus story: TEN MINUTES TILL DEADTIME

Featured stories include:

  • NEXT ON THE LIST – “I hate changes.”
  • MIDNIGHT CLAY – …a mess of black and crimson.
  • A DEMON’S THREAD – …campfire stories…
  • ON THE VINE – Barbs sliced his forearms and the torch flew from his hand.
  • THE ARTIST AND THE CRONE – Part-flesh, part-shadow, the foul garment writhed on the ground.
  • DUE SOUTH – He really should’ve driven like most people.
  • RED, WHITE AND BLACK – …filth glistened, protruding through torn flesh and broken bone…
  • INTENSIVE SCARE – It churned like liquid, bubbled, and swept up and into my eyes.
  • MEETING MUM – Beneath the gleaming skin, those traceries of veins wriggled like a hundred worms.
  • SEEING IS BELIEVING – When he removed those glasses, I saw his bloodshot eyes.
  • DISTURBED – The night pressed down. His hands clawed his head, tugged at his hat. “No!”
  • WELCOME HOME – She’d vanished last night . . . or was it last week?