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Cassell has five absolute stellar stories here... A must have if you're a fan of any of the genres here.

Ricky616C, Amazon reviewer

From the author of the best-selling Shadow Fabric mythos, here are five doses of fiction across several genres.

In the fantasy story, ALONE WITH THE BONES, a thief is freed when mysterious and gigantic bones rise from the earth. IN LOVING MEMORY, with its subtle sci-fi undertones, brings us a sad tale of childhood mischief that unknowingly ends in adulthood. The cyberpunk episode, ALPHA BETA GAMMA KILL, has been taken from the popular¬†Chaos Halo¬†series giving us a dystopian future where food is in short supply. With THE REBIRTH, we are shown Cassell’s unquestionable passion for supernatural horror, in which a school teacher is gifted a peculiar Easter egg. Finally, there’s the flash fiction steampunk piece, VANISHED, about the short-lived maiden voyage of an airship.

Cosplayers on the UK convention scene

The stories in this collection have been previously published in anthologies, apart from both ‘punk yarns which were inspired by cosplayers photographed by Future Chronicles Photography.