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The way his words flow should put many other authors to shame...

Nev Murray, Confessions Publicity

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Pull a thread … and you’ll be dead.

Ten standalone tales in the best-selling Shadow Fabric Mythos. Each story of ghosts, of demons, of the occult, weaves the mythos tighter and proves we all have the power to see in the dark. Both an introduction to the Shadow Fabric and a companion book, this collection of horror stories contains the following:

“Dust Devils”
“A Story of Amber”

“The Rebirth”
“Dead Lines”
“Pile of Dirt”
“The Commission”
“Diagonal Dead”
“Demon Alcohol”
“A Sunset Companion”

Available from Amazon HERE, (UK and US).

People have said…

Mark’s work compares with British horror authors such as James Herbert, Clive Barker, Dennis Wheatley, and Brian Lumley.

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